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Tips & Tricks for Windows Operating Systems.

Enable or disable Scandisk/Chkdsk on system reboot

If you disable the automatic execution of Scandisk (Win98, ME) or Chkdsk (Win2K, XP), you should run it manually about every two weeks to maintain the integrity of your PC's file system

Windows XP

Start>Run>chkntfs /x <drive> [drive] [drive]
For example, if you want to disable Chkdsk from running on drive C: chkntfs /x c:
Chkntfs works by modifying the BootExecute value in the Registry.
The default value is BootExecute: REG_MULTI_SZ:autocheck autochk *
Chkdsk /f /r is unaffected by chkntfs and can be run to check volumes manually on the next system reboot.

Windows 98/ME

Start>Run>Msconfig> Advanced>Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown Win98: 
If you prefer to play with the Msdos. sys file:
Add AutoScan=0 to the [Options] section.
WinMe: If you prefer to play with the Registry:
Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ System\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\FileSystem]
Value Name: DisableScandiskOnBoot
Value Data: 01

Warm boot (9x)

Go to the Start Menu and click on shut down. Then make sure that in the selection box the Restart option is selected, then hold down the shift key and press Restart.

Restart the computer from a shortcut

c:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe, exitwindowsexec
c:\windows\rundll.exe shell32.dll, SHExitWindowsEX 2

Shutdown Problems

Windows XP
Control Panel>Power Options>APM
Check Enable Advanced Power Management support

Windows 9x

Msconfig>Advanced>Disable Fast Shutdown.
The exit windows .wav file can also cause this.
If your computer still won't shut down properly, check this page.

Run programs at shutdown

The start command allows you to run DOS and Windows programs from a batch file. The /w switch allows the program to finish running before the next program starts running. For example, if you want to run scandisk before shutting down, you need the following batch file: @echo off start /w
c:\windows\ scandskw.exe /a /n start c:\windows\rundll32.exec: \windows\system\ shell32.dll,shexitwindowsex 1
Create a shortcut to your batch file, then click it when you want to shutdown.

Shut down programs when shutting down windows

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Control Panel\Desktop] Create the string value AutoEndTasks, value = 1. Reboot.

Invalid directory

If a directory is left open at shutdown, and is deleted from DOS, and Windows is no longer saving Explorer folder settings, you will get a message about an invalid directory when you boot up. Simply re-enable the save option and reboot.
(TweakUI's Explorer tab). You can also get this message if a reference to a non-existent folder exists in the startup folder, or is referenced in the registry. Check startup with msconfig. If that reveals nothing, search the registry for the folder name and delete the entries.

Change Windows Logo (9x)

Win9x logo files must be 30x400-256 colors. When viewed during startup, Windows stretches them to 640x400, so keep that in mind if you're designing your own logos, else it will throw the aspect ratio off. The default image is in oi.sys. The startup logo file (logo.sys) goes in the root directory. If your drive is compressed, logo.sys needs to be placed in the host drive.
The shutdown logo files go in the windows directory:
The Please Wait logo is in the logow.sys
The Shutdown logo is in the logos.sys

Disable or Enable Windows XP Auto Updates

To modify your autoupdate settings for Windows XP, use the following steps.
Click on START.
Click on either CONTROL PANEL or SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL (depending on how your desktop is configured).
If you are using Category View, click on PERFORMANCE & MAINTENANCE, then the SYSTEM icon.
If you are using Classic View, simply click on SYSTEM.
Click on the AUTOMATIC UPDATES tab.
Click on the KEEP MY COMPUTER UP TO DATE option to either turn on or off autoupdates. If you turn autoupdates on, you will then be able to choose from the three autoupdate options mentioned previously.
Simply click on the radio button next to the option you want to select.
Click on APPLY, and then click on OK.