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Tips & Tricks for Windows Operating Systems.

Home Page Lock* Home Page Unlock* Increase Internet Explorer Downloads to 10*
Enable CD AutoPlay for XP* EXE fix for Windows Xp*
Clear History of Typed URL's* Disable Messenger Outlook Express*
Replace/Repair the Recycle Bin XP* Restore Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr)
Disable Messenger Service (Pop-up Spam)* Spyware Blaster v5.5
Add MS Knowledge Base to the IE Toolbar* Clear Page File On Exit* Undo*
Restore System Restore Service* Add folder to Start Menu - Replace My Pictures*
XP Outlook Express Save Attachment Path E-Mail Stripper
Sasser Worn Removal Tool (KB841720) W2K XP Sasser.A and Sasser.B info
Disable Messenger from Outlook* Disable the Windows XP Tour*
Fix "16 Bit Subsystem" error XP Pro Disable CD Auto Run for Home* Pro*
Fix "16 Bit Subsystem" error XP Home Meaya Adware Remover
Blocking Parasites & Spyware with HOST Files v2.9.2 Disk Cleanup Freezes* Undo*
Shutdown Windows without Installing Updates Run Cmd-Reinstalling Internet Explorer XP*
Home Page Lock 98* DownloadHome Page Unlock 98* Search Fix for Win98*
Restore Recycle Bin Win98* Automatically Schedule a Defrag XP
Automatically Schedule a ScanDisk XP Windows Installer Fix* Installer Fix Vista
Disable Unread Mail on the Welcome Screen XP* Restore Paint*
Restore Defrag XP Disable Floppy Drive* Enable*
ScreenSaver Disable* DownloadEnable* Tab Missing* Test for USB 2*
Restore NotePad.exe Sound Icon Enable*
Disable Balloon Tips* Disable All Tips* Restore the Device Manager*
Enable* Disable the Splash Screen for OE* Add (OE) Send E-Mail to right click*
Remove "Shortcut to..." Prefix on Shortcuts* Enable* Disable Clear Type under Effects*
Change Provided by or Whole Title in IE* Startup List Program
Rename the Recycle Bin CWShredder 2.19
MRU Blaster v1.5 Remove Mi.Mail.C Worm*
A Better Disk Clean Up Tool Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter
Restart Computer 30s Delay Shortcut Restart Computer Instant Shortcut
Shutdown Computer Shortcut Lock Workstation
Log Off Computer Shortcut Get IP Address and User Info
IE Add ons Disabled IE Reset to Defaults
Windows 10 Search Box Blank Fix
(Files marked with an (*) require right click "Save target as")